Upside-Down House

Location: Cape Elizabeth

Architect: Van Dam Architecture

Photographer: Sandy Agrafiotis

Upside-Down House, by Wright-Ryan

Upturn your expectations with this Maine beachfront view

Not only did the owners want light shining through the house all day long, they wanted to enjoy the sounds of the surf and an unspoiled the view of the Maine beachfront. The “upside-down” design of the home allows them to enjoy all of these features.


The primary living space and master bedroom are on the top floor of the home while the office, meditation room, studio, and guest suite are below. Exposed beams and the open staircase add to the light and airy atmosphere. A second-story screened porch provides access and vistas to the beachfront. The house is only one room deep with interior windows, so the sun passes through all spaces in the home throughout the day.


Unique designs for Maine beachfront houses set Wright-Ryan Homes apart. We know how to best capture every angle of any waterfront view.