Building long-term relationships since the beginning


Tom Wright and John Ryan, our founding partners, grew up as childhood friends. Early on, they spent their summers on a small island off the coast of Portland, Maine, often working together on odd jobs throughout the 1970’s. Tom went on to pursue a career in construction and industrial arts education while John began his working life as a civil engineer. Though they found their early careers satisfying, whenever they met, their talk inevitably landed on a missing key ingredient: the pleasure of working alongside people who cared about each other and shared a commitment to excellence. The idea of Wright-Ryan, a relationship-driven construction firm, hatched from these discussions. Wright-Ryan has centered its efforts on projects that challenge and engage the ingenuity of our team.


Greg Lanou became General Manager of Wright-Ryan Homes when Tom left Wright-Ryan to pursue a life of community service. Greg continues to build upon the vision of the founders, providing unrivaled customer service characterized by an unwavering commitment to quality. He has been involved in the construction industry for more than thirty years and has experience from the start to the finish of many construction projects.