Services that match your needs

As one of Maine’s premier custom home contractors, Wright-Ryan draws upon our resources to provide exceptional customer service and a quality product.  We have expertise in working with design teams from around the country and clients throughout the world.  We are a trusted resource in Maine and provide our clients with peace of mind during their construction project.


Pre-Construction & Planning

Each client has unique needs and concerns, and every project comes with its own challenges and opportunities.  Wright-Ryan works tirelessly to create, compare, and test each estimate.  We review multiple alternative approaches to evaluate program needs as they dovetail with budget, schedule, and long-term operating considerations.  We also offer recommendations to position our clients to make timely, well-informed choices that will lead to the best possible project.



The best projects result from the combined skill, expertise, and ingenuity of the entire project team.  We work closely with many skilled craftsmen and have access to the best trade people in the region who offer creative cost- and time-saving strategies.  Our project team meets individually and as a group with all key members of the team before the project starts to ensure a shared understanding of project scope and goals.  By uniting a group of highly skilled artisans we can ensure the highest attention to detail that will meet Wright-Ryan’s high standards and surpass our clients’ expectations.


Customizing your space

Wright-Ryan’s expert team hand-builds the finest architectural millwork and furniture for the most discriminating home owners.  We complement the most honored traditions of our craft with unmatched technological capabilities that allow us to design, draft, build, and finish for a result that is custom woodwork of lasting beauty.  Kitchens, furniture, woodwork, libraries, gazebos – these are just a few of the many instances where Wright-Ryan’s touch is evident. If you are a homeowner or designer who would like to see further evidence of our residential successes, please contact us for a private meeting.



Immediately following construction, we work with our clients to provide training and ensure a thorough understanding of systems and maintenance routines before they occupy their new or renovated home. Our crews remain available to respond well beyond the comprehensive warranty.



We offer annual property maintenance that is custom-tailored to each client, and includes a range of services from periodic storm inspections to complete caretaker services that helps the hassle-free summer visitor or busy homeowner.  Looking for more limited services?  We also offer individual maintenance services which would be on an “on-call” basis.



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