Project Category: Custom Homes

Family Cottage

Build a new version of a vintage family cottage with cutting-edge green construction. Owned by three sisters, this residence is …learn more.

Sea Swept

Save money without sacrificing style with green buildings A sustainably built beach house retreat was the goal for these owners. Unique …learn more.

Upside-Down House

Upturn your expectations with this Maine beachfront view Not only did the owners want light shining through the house all …learn more.

Goose Rocks Beach

Careful and thoughtful construction to protect beach plovers and natural surroundings This house was carefully sited and constructed to avoid …learn more.

Cranberry Ridge, LEED Platinum

Wright-Ryan is the proud builder of Cranberry Ridge – a home that is outperforming the energy model created in 2005. Ahead …learn more.

Lakefront Camp

A home for a family, and loads of friends This beautiful private camp was originally a camp consisting of several small …learn more.

Biddeford Pool Home

Evoke tradition while adding contemporary floor plans This golf course and beach-side retreat began with the demolition of an older family cottage. …learn more.

Ridge House

Reducing the environmental impact of building through creativity and thoughtfulness Named The Ridge House because it was built onto a …learn more.